Welcome to the Polish Supplementary School of Saint Michael's in Lyndhurst NJ.

"Polish children must speak, read and write in their native language, they should know the history of Poland, become familiar with the customs and traditions of their forefathers ."

Marian Morawski

Polish Supplementary School of Saint Michael's has been operating at the parish of St. Michael the Archangel in Lyndhurst, NJ since 1979, teaching Polish children about their parents and grandparents' country.

To meet your expectations, we provide our students with excellent conditions for learning Polish language, Polish history, and European regional geography. We treat our students individually, adapting the ways we teach and work to the best of our students' abilities. The school has excellent teaching staff working with young people, substantively prepared, sensitive, and very committed to working with children. We cordially invite you to our school, where learning is a pleasure. Our graduates have exceptional knowledge of their homeland, its history, culture, and traditions known for generations.

Since the founding of the school in 1979, St. Michael's Polish Supplementary School has been operating under the patronage of Polish Supplementary School Council of America, Inc. (CPSD).

In 2012, St. School Michael in Lyndhurst NJ has been designated as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

School's History

St. Michael's Polish School was founded in 1979 at the parish of St. Michael the Archangel in Lyndhurst, NJ by Antonina and Marian Morawski, who moved from Jersey City, NJ to Lyndhurst. The goal for establishing the school was: Polish children must speak, read, write in Polish, know the history of Poland, and learn about the customs and traditions of their forefathers.

The dynamic life that was bestowed upon the school by Mr. and Mrs. Morawski in 1979 continues to this day - thanks to its students, parents, teachers, as well as its spiritual trustees from the parish of St. Michael the Archangel.

In 1979, Marian Morawski and his wife Antonina became residents of Lyndhurst. They moved from Jersey City, where they lived and were devoted social activists, teachers, and educators of Polish youth for twenty-four years.

The Lyndhurst's Polish community welcomed them hospitably, but the Morawskis were missing something. This "something" was the lack of a Polish school in the area. They immediately started its formation.

The purpose of establishing an educational institution according to Mr. and Ms Morawski was apparent: Polish children must speak, read, and write in their native language, they should know the history of Poland and become familiar with the customs and traditions of their forefathers.

The project of establishing the school was approved by Prelate Edward Majewski - parish pastor of St. Michael the Archangel. He consented to its operation in the parish' school building.

The Polish Supplementary School began its operation in September 1979, under the leadership of Marian Morawski. 46 children signed up and were divided into three groups. During the school year, as new students arrived, a fourth student group was created. The following teachers took care of the youth: Antonina Morawska, Elżbieta Makowska, Jolanta Szczepanik, Irena Kuźma, and Maria Brodzik.

The first Parents Association consisted of: chairwoman - Bronisława Holicka, vice-chairwoman - Józefa Wroceńska and treasurer - Janina Hyjek.

Learnings took place on Friday afternoons, from 5PM to 8PM. It was an unusual day for classes for a Polish school, but it was due to greater necessity. The Morawskis left Jersey City, but they did not abandon their Polish students there. Marian Morawski had to reconcile the functions of the Principal of two institutions: the Polish Supplementary School of Marshal Józef Piłsudski in Jersey City, which he commanded continuously since 1951, and which operated on Saturdays, and the newly founded one in Lyndhurst.

The beginnings of the Lyndhurst institution were not easy. The Polish school was a new school for its pupils and their parents. Although the new establishment benefited from the hospitality of the local Catholic school facilities free of charge, it had to be organized from scratch; it needed financial resources for textbooks and necessary teaching aids. Mr. Morawski obtained these resources by organizing modest charity balls with the help of the Parents Association. For many years, thanks to these efforts, parents did not have to pay any mandatory tuition for their children's education.

The school also had to overcome staffing difficulties. In the second year of its operation, there was a shortage of two teachers. Mrs. Maria Brodzik left for Poland, and Mrs. Elżbieta Makowska - due to poor health - had to resign from her post. The number of children continued to grow, and Mr. Morawski was seeking new specialists. He used his own car to transport teachers who had commuting problems with getting to their classrooms.

The death of Antonina Morawska was a great, painful blow to the school principal and the school community. In 1986, after a heart attack, Mrs. Antonina left her husband and her "school children" forever. Her spiritual commitment as a teacher and educator was not in vain. Her work was continued by: Stanisława Drelich and Krystyna Kornak, and two years later - Zofia Burzych.

In the first decade of its operation, the school received enormous help from clergy associated with the parish of St. Michael's: Rev. Edward Majewski, Rev. Tadeusz Stasik and Rev. Marcin Silver. The Polish school in Lyndhurst celebrated its 10th anniversary on April 21, 1990. The masters of the ceremony were the students of that time, and their Principal Mr. Marian Morawski along with the teachers: Jolanta Szczepanik, Stanisława Drelich and Krystyna Kornak. The guests of honor were: Jan Woźniak - president of the Polish Supplementary School Council of America, Inc. (CPSD), Janina Igielska - vice-president of CPSD, Boleslaw Wojewodka - financial secretary of CPSD, Rainhold Smyczek - president of the Polish American Congress for the state of New Jersey, Feliks Bruks - member of the Polish American Congress Board, Dr. Jan Grondelewski - vice-president of the Polish American Congress and Bronislawa Holicka - a long-time chairwoman of the school's Parents Association, as well as clergy from the parish of St. Michael: Fr. Pastor Rev. Fred Miller, Rev. Marcin Silver, Rev. Zbigniew Jezierski and Rev. Tadeusz Stasik. A lot of work was put into preparing the anniversary by the members of the executive committee: Halina Mróz, Teresa Rakowska, Bogdan Stasiak and Stella Zarebczan.

From the beginning of its operations, the school has been registered with the Polish Supplementary School Council of America, Inc. (CPSD). In addition to the teaching curriculum, the school implements cultural and heritage educational programs. Every year, the school is an active participant in the Polish School Day at The National Shrine
of Our Lady of Czestochowa in Doylestown PA, and other events organized by CPSD. It solemnly celebrates Polish national holidays, such as National Independence Day and May 3rd Constitution Day. During Christmas, it organizes a nativity play. It also partakes in the Way of the Cross and other religious ceremonies in the church of St. Michal. The school also doesn't forget about Mother's Day.

In 2019, St. Michael's School celebrated its 40th anniversary.

Spiritual Care and Support

The sponsoring Parish is St Michael the Archangel in Lyndhurst, NJ - 624 Page Avenue, Lyndhurst, NJ 07071.

The spiritual guides through-out the school's existence were: Rev. Prelate Majewski, Rev. Tadeusz Stasiak, Rev. Józef Szklarski. Currently, pastoral care is provided by Rev. Marek Wysocki - Pastor of St. Michael's.